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The CR-310 is a superior quality fast drying rubberized asphalt caulking. With high solid content, it seals and provide extra flexibility, higher resistance and unbeatable adhesion. Rubber content imparts additional strength and improves adhesion. Can be used on most construction surfaces materials: concrete, masonry, wood, metal, fibrocement, asphalt pavements many synthetic materials.
Surface Preparation
Do not use if showers are foreseen. Metal : Surfaces shall be sandblasted, power or hand brushed to obtain a clean, dry and sound surface. It shall be free from rust, grease and debris. Surface temperature shall be below 37ºC (99ºF) at the moment of application. Concrete - masonry- fibrocement: Surface shall be clean, dry and free of frost, grease, oil and loose or broken materials. Porous or dusty surfaces shall be primed.
Apply with a trowel, a caulking gun or a putty knife . Avoid residual air pockets or blisters when finished joints. To ease application in cold season, keep product in a warm place.
Clean tools and equipment with mineral spirits.
CAN/O.N.G.C. 37.29-M89
This product is available in 4 kg and 20 kg
Shelf Life
This product can be conserved in its original container, tightly sealed, up to 12 months after purchasing date by the applicator.
Technical Data Table
Color Black
Solids by Volume 65 to 75%
Weight 1,05 kg/L (8,8 pounds/gal)
Coverage 400g colmate 4,5 to 7,6m (15 to 25 ft²) for a crack of 6 mm (1/4'')
Dry Time*

To 50 % R.H. 20°C (68°F)

To the Touch* 6 hours
Completely Dry* 48 hours
Service Temperature Maximum : 82°C (180°F) dry coating
Application Temperature Ambient (Thickens at low temperature)
Chemical Resistance

Resistant to water calcium chloride, salt and to lightly acid or alkaline solutions. Do not resist to oils, greases and solvents.

Permeance to Water Vapor (ASTM E96) 3 mm (1/8'') coat before drying 2.9 ng/Pa.m2.s (0.05 perms)

* Drying Time depend of surface porosity and temperature.

Do not apply on wet or frosted surfaces. Protect freshly applied product and open container from open flame and adjacent welding activity. Do not apply on joints larger than 2.5 cm (1'') width on vertical surfaces. If product is applied near a ventillation unit or an air conditioner, take necessary precautions to avoid infiltration solvent odor inside. For EXTERIOR USE only.
The customer shall verify of the suitability of this product for the intended purpose. Applicator’s skill, weather and surface conditions being beyond manufacturer’s control, we limit our liability to replacement of defective material only in sealed container, within 1 year of proof of purchase. Free on board (FOB plant).

Rubberized Holes & Cracks Caulking
Rubberized Holes & Cracks Caulking
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CONTENTS MAY CATCH FIRE: Contains petroleum distillates. May cause dizziness, headache or nausea. May cause nose, throat, eyes and skin irritation. Keep away from heat sources, sparks and flames. Do not smoke. Use only with adequate ventilation. Do not breathe vapors. Wear safety glasses and appropriate gloves. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

FIRST AID TREATEMENT: Eyes : In case of contact, flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention immediately; for skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If you experience difficulties in breathing, leave the area to obtain fresh air. If difficulties continues, get medical assistance immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately.
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