Eagle Concrete Sealer Latex Sealer for Tacky Crete, Tacky Prestige and All Concrete Surfaces Français
The Concrete Sealer is a transparent coating specially formulated for Tacky Crete Tacky Prestige or all concrete surfaces. The acrylic resin is a water-based thermoplastic polymer with a milky appearance. Once dry, it becomes translucent. In addition of being waterproof, it is flexible, non-toxic, odorless, durable and very tolerant at extreme temperatures. Its special composition offers a long-term protection, penetrating and sealing surfaces. It can also be very useful as a curing membrane for fresh concrete inside and outside on surfaces such as concrete and masonry. It is recommended to apply a new coat every 5 years.
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Keep all good properties even once dried
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good wear resistance
Surface Preparation
Do not use if showers are forecast for the next 24 hours after application. Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, scale and other contaminants.
To dry completely, we need a temperature above 10 ° c during the installation and for at least a few hours. The sealant should be applied when the initial set of Tacky Crete , Tacky Prestige or concrete is completed. That means approximately two hours after installation depending of humidity and ambient air. Two layers are recommended for a good protection. When used as a curing membrane, apply 2 coats as soon as the initial set of concrete is done. Wait about 20 minutes between coats. Mixed well before each application. Apply by spray, brush or roller. Let dry and harden before allowing moving furniture and putting in place. Protect the surface against the weather until dry.
Clean tools and equipment with soap and water during the product is still fresh.
Size available: 946 ml, 3,78 L and 10 L.
Keep from freezing. It can be stored in original container, tightly closed, for 1 year from date of purchase.
Shelf Life
Keep from freezing.
Technical Data Table
Apparence Clear Liquid
Viscosity < 200
PH 6-8


VOC < 50
Covering Rate*
(smooth surface )
1L covers 7,5 m² to 12,5 m² (80 ft² to 135 ft²)
Covering Rate*
( Rough or porous surface)
1L covers 3 to 4 m² (25 ft² to 40 ft²)

* Do not apply over wet surfaces. Do not apply when it may rain or dew until completely dry. The coverage may vary depending on the method of application, porosity and surface temperature.

Do not apply over wet surfaces. Do not apply when it may rain or dew until completely dry.
The customer shall verify of the suitability of this product for the intended purpose. Applicator's skill, weather and surface conditions being beyond manufacturer's control, we limit our liability to replacement of defective material only in sealed container, within 1 year of proof of purchase. FOB plant.

Eagle Concrete Sealer
Eagle Concrete Sealer
Warning Simdut

MAY IRRITATE EYES AND SKIN. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Keep out of reach of children.

FIRST AID TREATMENT: Contains Stoddard solvent. If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If on skin, clean with mineral oil followed by soapy water then rinse well.
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